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I have dedicated my life to addressing  social issues, equality and personal development.

I was born, adopted and raised in the rural midwest and am the biological daughter of a mixed-race couple at a time when interracial marriage was still illegal. I was born with diversity and social conscience in my blood!


Since childhood, I showed a passion for song and dance, which led me to major in “Theater and Film” at the University of Kansas, where I started learning more about my own identity. Great mentors taught me about social issues and encouraged me to play characters and sing songs that allowed me to further explore my own multi-cultural heritage and how it connected me to society. 


When I was 21, I searched and found my birth-mother. A few years later I found my birth-father’s family. The pieces of my identity were coming together. I felt relieved, loved, and more grounded.


After college, I moved to Chicago, where I pursued my acting career appearing in plays, commercials, and film.  I worked for the Anti-Defamation League and other civil rights organizations for 25 years where I facilitated anti-racist and anti-bullying workshops, for small and large audiences.


In 1994, I co-founded Bridge Communications Inc. where we helped couples navigate the challenges associated with transracial adoption. We led workshops for white parents creating a space where they could understand the intricacies of transracial adoption. A transracial adoptee’s perspective of being brown in a white family.


12 years ago, I founded Mosaic Experience LLC. a consulting company dedicated to diversity, leadership development and team building.


I am a mother, wife, friend, bonus-mom, transracially adopted multiracial woman, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, and spiritual being. I know that the days and weeks that I am not balanced, my health, relationships, and self love suffer. I have learned that to be successful I have to be able to play multiple roles simultaneously, keeping peace and love, and balance at the core. 


Therefore I created, “I am Pamela” which is the natural result of my journey so far. In my coaching I connect all my experiences to help individuals, and groups find their authenticity.


I believe everyone is made from love, and it is our longing to get back to our essence. I will help you get back to the core of you. 


I look forward to hearing from you.

Peace and Love


Pamela was a guest in Ted Lyde's podcast Learning Not To Swear

Pamela's blog "I Never Felt Blacker" was featured in the ​Kindred + Co. website for transracial adoptive families.

Pamela's blog "I Never Felt Blacker" was featured as a guest writer in the

Anne Heffron website.

Pamela had a conversation about gratitude with coach Jennifer Norton,

check the video here 

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