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I provide one-on-one life coaching, small group interactive sessions, and large auditorium motivational presentations.


We will work together through challenges you face to find your quality of life.

Through a series of questions, I focus on finding the root of what stops you from finding your passion and achieving your purpose and goals.

I can facilitate group sessions in which participants explore a particular topic or situation, with empathy at the core.

Through motivating, inspiring and fun presentations, I can help your group gain insight about themselves and their interpersonal connections.

I will work with you to create a more prosperous, authentic,  celebrated and balanced life.

"My time with Pamela is sacred to me.  Together we reflect on those situations, people, or ideas that are causing me anxiety or stress.  I leave feeling more balanced, more valued as a human being, and ready to take-on the next set of challenges that come my way.

Time with Pamela is an opportunity for me to love myself and to focus on my own growth and learning"


"Pamela's ability to connect people to real human issues and situations is a gift that many are striving to achieve or are not able to do. Her focus on her purpose throughout the process she engages one in -and through- are strengthened by her strong communication and listening skill sets"

Pastor Adrion Roberson

"Pamela helped me recognize how negative thoughts were affecting my frame of mind. She taught me how to stop them and achieve a more positive outlook in my daily life. Pamela is very insightful, easy to schedule with, and a delightful person to boot!"


"How do you feel?


How do you want to feel?""

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