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Welcome to my journal!


Blogging? Who would have ever thought I would be blogging?

I have been keeping a journal since I was a teenager, but I have never shared those stories with anyone-let alone in a public platform such as this! I will be reflecting on many of the experiences I've had in my life so far, and decided to share them hoping to connect and help others along the way.

On my this space, I will journal about different topics that are speaking to me at the time, and some of those topics go along with my life story: I was adopted by a white family, and I am biracial. I was raised on a very rural farm, growing up in a culture with a close-knit family who went to church regularly, helped each other, and always ate around the dinner table together. In second grade I witnessed prejudice, even though it was rarely aimed at me. I did not know what race I was until I was 21 years old and found my birth mother. I am an actress and singer living in Chicago for over 2 decades. I am spiritual and feel love from many sources. I have extreme passion for equity and inclusion, which is why I have dedicated my life to these subjects. I have owned and managed two businesses. I have been married, divorced, married again, and have 5 boys-3 biological and 2 bonus. I am a creative person who questions life, is curious about the human spirit, and loves a good dance party.

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”

That question defines my age. I want to connect with people who want to keep being curious, and those who want to learn to be curious. This journal will encompass different stories about my life, and what I have learned SO FAR.

I’d like to thank my husband for being my partner in this project. He has taken all the photos, created and designed the website, and provided overall encouragement. My friends and family-my boys, watching and giving me advice and support. I’d like to also thank the countless people who have touched my life, and I might have not even met you. Books, articles, vlogs, and unlimited links. Everyday I have learned to much from so many of you. As I continue on this journey, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to ask questions and comment about what I write.

I am Pamela, who are you? Let the blog begin!

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