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How do you define "success"?


The word SUCCESS has been delivered to us as having a “good” job, marriage, 2 kids, great car, trip to Disney World, etc., you fill in the blank as to what you were “taught” success should be. I always had a hard time with others defining what anything is for me. I took the time recently to focus on how I define success now, after living a few decades and experiencing many different ways of living, and I have come to this conclusion:

For me, success is when I feel FULFILLED!

My husband and I have the privilege of supporting many children -I want to be able to have a stable life for them, care for them and LOVE them deeply. I also enjoy living in a place that is comfortable for all of us, a SPACE, where I can garden, where there is natural light, where people can gather. I also want to be a part of my husband and children's lives....I want my work to support spending time and seeing them, being with them, hugging them, listening to them, loving them.

Success for me is also having my own business where I can set my own schedule and be CREATIVE, working with people and helping them with their questions and problems, helping them navigate life. Creativity is my juice. Without this juice of music, dancing, creating stories, hearing stories, motivating folks, I am not me. I feel lifeless. I enjoy setting the tone and pace in my life, but clearly being open to the universe and what she is showing me. Being with someone who loves me unconditionally is very special in my life -I cherish this. My family and friends -who are like family- mean the world to me. I love to travel, see and experience new things. I come into new feelings when I go exploring, whether it be far or near, observing, listening, tasting, feeling a new adventure sets my senses on fire, and I open to new possibilities. Colors, laughter, dancing and singing help me feel free, they are important to my success. FORGIVING is vital to me. It lets my soul feel at PEACE.

Of course, this definition will change for me again, as I move through life.

What is success to you? How do you want to feel each day? What do you want to accomplish while you are on this earth?

What is your own definition of "SUCCESS"?

This question is very personal and the answer unique to you. Own your definition of SUCCESS!

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