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Are you able to be all of you?

Do you ever feel extreme conflict with loving others while being true to yourself?

I’m talking about people that you care about and are close to. Someone you are loyal to and cherish, like your husband, wife, children, family, or friends...even some coworkers.

What happens when you are DIFFERENT than people expect?

When you start owning your power and have the courage to step into this newfound, comfortable state of mind you may notice that those you dearly love don’t want to have anything to do with you. They say they love you, but they are not able or willing to understand you, or accept the way you really are.

When does “being your true self/owning your power” start to separate you from others-and you just can’t fake it anymore?

The reality is that for many of us, we are able to be our true selves around those whom we feel safe, accepted and understood. Often times we hide in ourselves because of the circumstances around us; other times, we are not aware of who we really are because we were taught to be, act and think in a certain way in order to be accepted.

Does the voice in your head say things like, If I’m my true self will they love me anymore? Will they accept me? Will they stand up for me?

If I’m my true self will they love me anymore? Will they accept me? Will they stand up for me?

I have been in this situation and I must say that the closest I have been to feeling free and loved -both by myself and by those close to me- is when I am true to being all of me!

I think when we decide to throw off the mask that we are programmed to wear, and have our authentic self appear, we may lose some people along the way, but we will also gain some others.

My heart says:

“Be all that you are, without apologies. Shine bright with your gifts and unique qualities, even if they are not mainstream, popular, or accepted.”

Love and forgive those who don’t understand us. If we hold resentment, anger and fear we only hurt ourselves. This is a lesson I am still learning.

I am interested in your opinion. What would you do, or have you done in this situation? Owning your power can be challenging but necessary to live an honest life!

Let me know your thoughts!

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